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As per Board Policy all students riding the bus are required to register and have a valid 2015-2016 bus pass. As of September 21, 2015, Transportation requires all riders to have this process complete. If your child does not have a current pass for this year no further busing will be available for your child until payment is received. You can make a credit card payment at https://www.sd79.bc.ca/payments/transportation/transportation_payments.html

First child $200, Second Child $120, Third Child $80, to a maximum of $400 per family. Please put the full name of each student you are paying for in the invoice numer box. Payment will be receipted, a bus pass will be printed and sent to the school office for student pickup, and the students' name will be removed from the "Do Not Ride" list.

Within our web pages you will find:

Bus Registration Package 2015-16, payment information, forms, information for parents, Bus Pass Replacement, field trip estimate, request forms (for schools), winter weather information and route information.

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Transportation Department Telephone #250-748-1066 FAX #250-748-2132

Wendy Mitchell, Supervisor ~ Ext 275 ~ transportationsupervisor@sd79.bc.ca

Tom Clark, Leadhand, 6:30-3:30 ~ Ext 321 ~ tclark@sd79.bc.ca

Paula Divis, Bus Dispatcher, 7:30-3:30 ~ Ext 273 ~ busdispatch@sd79.bc.ca

Stella Lum, Billing & Receivables Clerk, 8:30-4:30 ~ Ext 276 ~ transportationreceivables@sd79.bc.ca

Veronica Lukasch, Student Registration, 12:30-4:30 ~ Ext 272 ~ transportationsecretary@sd79.bc.ca