Personalized Learning allows students greater flexibility in their education and allows parents to become more active in their child's studies. School District 79 offers two avenues of Personalized Learning:

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Online Learning

Online Learning (also called Distributed Learning or DL) provides another choice for learning within the current system. Distributed learning takes place outside of the regular classrooms, typically when a student is at a distance from the teacher and the regular school programs. Students may opt for DL due to scheduling conflicts for required courses or sometimes because of learning preferences. Students in DL programs have increased flexibility in determining their academic schedule as school calendars are not bound by time and space.

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 Dual Credit Programs

School District 79 has partnered with Vancouver Island University (VIU) and Camosun College to offer school-aged students a head start on their post-secondary academic studies or trades training while remaining within the secondary school system. Dual Credit students earn high school and college credits while taking first year college/university courses. School District 79 pays tuition and registration costs; any other costs are the responsibility of the student.

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If you are interested in taking a Personalized Learning course and are a grade 10 - 12 student, please contact your school counselor or:

David Bellis
(250) 746-0277


Larry Mattin
Principal of Alternate Programs
(250) 746-6052


Email: Alita