Education is a shared responsibility of the school, home and community. School District 79 values the contributions of parents.

Parents are invited to become involved in their children’s education both at the school and district levels. At the school level, parents may participate in the activities of their school’s Parent Advisory Council and School Planning Council. They are also encouraged to become more knowledgeable about their children’s educational programs by reading their school’s newsletters and by communicating with their children’s teachers.

At the district level, Parent Advisory Council representatives may become members of the School Board’s Education and Policy Committees as well as become involved in the District Parent Advisory Council.

Parents wishing more information are encouraged to read School Board Policies 3210 and 3215. To located these policies, click on School Board at the top of the school district website’s home page and then click on Policies near the bottom of the left hand column.

Ministry of Education Resources for Parents

BC Conferation of Parent Advisory Councils

Student Accident Insurance Information