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Hey, if you like comics and graphic novels, you should check out the following web comics!

Gunnerkrig Court by Tom Siddell

“Gunnerkrigg Court isn’t [Buffy, the Vampire Slayer’s] Sunnydale High. In fact, it’s weirder. The massive industrial boarding school hides ghosts, minotaurs, and oddball robots and across the river lies a mystical forest packed with fairies and gods. At the heart of it all is Antimony “Annie” Carver, a girl with a strong connection to the mystical, and her best friend Katerina “Kat” Donlan, a born scientist. Gunnerkrigg Court starts out a bit on the silly side, but it gradually develops a rich mythology and a student body filled with secrets. And it’s the more emotional arcs (particularly the current one) that make Gunnerkrigg Court such a page-turner.” -Lauren Davis, io9.com

Spacetrawler by Christopher Baldwin

“In the hopes of liberating a slave race called the Eebs, a group of extraterrestrial activists abducts six humans to serve as government representatives as Earth. As you might imagine, nothing goes quite as planned, and soon these motley humans aren’t just far from home — they’re also caught up in an interplanetary war. Warning: You will get far too attached to these characters and they will break your heart.” -Lauren Davis, io9.com

Broodhollow by Kris Straub

“Like a small-town mystery where everything is more nefarious than it seems? Follow Wadsworth Zane, a neurotic encyclopedia salesman, to the quaint little town of Broodhollow. Broodhollow is the town of a thousand holidays, a place where (just about) everyone has a smile and there’s a ritual for every occasion. Still, Zane can’t shake the feeling that some calamity is about to occur. For the first time in his life, he may be right.” -Lauren Davis, io9.com

Namesake by Isabelle Melançon & Megan Lavey-Heaton

“In the universe of Namesake, the fantasy worlds from fiction are real, but they can only be visited by humans with certain names. Only girls named Dorothy travel to Oz; only girls named Alice journey through Wonderland, and so on. But when a young woman named Emma mysteriously turns up in Oz, she and her loved ones are thrown into a world of fantasy protagonists, the writers who jot down their stories, and a conspiracy that threatens the whole system.” -Lauren Davis, io9.com

Strong Female Protagonist by Brennan Lee Mulligan & Molly Ostertag

“Alison Green used to be a superhero, but she didn’t retire because of some loss of superpowers. She just didn’t feel like wearing a mask and a cape was the best way to save the world.

Now that she’s in college, though, things aren’t exactly easy for the former Mega Girl. Her celebrity status makes it hard for her to stand up to even the smallest injustice, and she still doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. And the only person who really understands her is a former supervillain.” -Lauren Davis, io9.com

Unsounded by Ashley Cope

“Webcomics that explore fantasy realms are a dime a dozen, but few are as richly developed as Unsounded. Unlike so much of high fantasy, Unsounded isn’t just set in some ersatz medieval England; her characters aren’t dressed like something from a cheap production of Robin Hood and they don’t all look white. And while there are some grand and vicious beasties populating her land, it’s the humans that you really have to look out for in this world.

Sette Frummagem has been sent on a quest by her father, the king of thieves, and has been given a grumpy undead sorcerer, Duane Adelier, as her unwilling escort. They’re a mismatched pair, and their journey gets even more complicated when they come across a group of child slavers who are using their quarry for some sort of dark ritual. If you’re looking for a fantasy tale with black humor, characters you can invest in, and more to fight than monsters, this is one webcomic to sink your eyeballs into.” -Lauren Davis, io9.com

Stand Still, Stay Silent by Minna Sundberg

“As in Attack on Titan, the humans in Stand Still, Stay Silent (Minna Sundberg’s follow-up to A Redtail’s Dream) have lost the world. After a plague wiped out most of humanity, the remnants of civilization cling to settlements in Iceland, Finland, and Scandinavia. Ninety years later, few people have ventured into the “Silent World” and faced the monsters that live there. Now, an undertrained and underfunded research team is venturing out into the ruins. The comic’s a slow burn, but it’s worth it for the horrors that lurk in the places where humanity once reigned.” -Lauren Davis, io9.com

Agents of the Realm by Mildred Louis

“There are plenty of magical girl webcomics out in the world, but there’s something special about Mildred Louis’ Agents of the Realm. We’ve got five college students with very different backgrounds, goals, and personalities, who discover that they’re superheroes destined to protect two different dimensions. The mythology of the worlds is already a rich one, but it’s the dynamic between our five magical girls that anchors this comic. Plus, the outfits are way cool.” -Lauren Davis, io9.com

Demon by Jason Shiga

“Jason Shiga’s perennial protagonist Jimmy Yee is an actuary who has decided that he has nothing left to live for. But when he attempts to kill himself, he discovers that he has a surprising supernatural ability. As with Death Note, the fun of Demon is in watching Jimmy fully explore his (incredibly violent) powers and using his superior intellect to outsmart everyone around him.” -Lauren Davis, io9.com

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