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Adventure Tourism

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Animation and Imagery

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Automotive Technology

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Carpentry and Joinery

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Computer Studies (including Graphics and Programming)

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Digital Media

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Drama (including Acting and Onstage)

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Earth Science

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English (including English Literature)

Ms. Carmichael’s Website Test – Elder – Carmichael Test – Falling – Carmichael Test – Kopkum – Carmichael Virtual Tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre English 10 – The Northwest Tree Octopus


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Fabric and Fibre

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Family Studies

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Fashion Design

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First Nations Studies/Leadership

Forensic Science

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Food Studies

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Français Langue

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Information Technology

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Learning Strategies

Links to free audio books: Audiobook Central Audiobooks for Free LibriVox Project Gutenberg

Life Skills

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General Resources Khan Academy Unpractical Math Mr. Loutet’s Mr. Loutet’s Youtube Channel — 115 math-related videos! WolframAlpha Computational Search Engine Math 11 – Personal Budget Project

Average Salary in Canada Calculate Net Salary

A & W Financial Services Project

Bank of Montreal – personal banking products

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce – personal banking products

Royal Bank of Canada – personal banking products

Coast Capital Savings Credit Union – personal banking products

Island Savings Credit Union – personal banking products

Alpine Credits – home equity loans

Capital Direct – home equity loans

Your Equity – home equity loans

Instaloans – payday loans

Money Mart – payday loans

Dollars Direct – payday loans

Bankruptcy  Canada – Consolidation Loans (information and links)

Cambridge Life Solutions – Consolidation Loans

First Canadian Debt Solutions – Consolidation Loans

Bow-Mel Chrysler, Ltd. – car loans (& leases)

Metro Toyota Vancouver Island – car loans (& leases)

Discovery Honda – car loans (& leases)

Ford Canada – car loans (& leases)

Auto One – car leases

Jim Pattison Group – car leases

Lease Trader – car leases

The Brick – instore financing

Leon’s – instore financing

Aaron’s – leasing/rent to own furniture  & appliances

Easy Home – rent to own furniture & appliances

Rent-A-Centre – rent to own furniture & appliances

Smart Choice – rent to own furniture & appliances

Consumer Protection BC Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Media Studies

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Metalwork/Metal Fabrication and Machining

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P.E. (including Rugby)

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Personal Fitness

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Career Cruising User: cowichanss Password: canucks


Psychology 11 Why Your Brain Loves Google, Twitter, and Texting – brain Your Senses Fool You! – senses Bionic Eyesight – senses Left Brain/Right Brain quiz – brain The Blue and the Green – optical illusion Spinning Silhouette – optical illusion Bandura’s Bobo Doll – video Psychology 12 Canadian Mental Health Association – psychological disorders National (U.S.)  Alliance of Mental Illness – psychological disorders Psychology One – psychological disorders Psychology Today – psychological disorders All Psych Online – psychological disorders WebMD – psychological disorders American Psychological Association – psychological disorders Super Phobia Bros. – phobias Dark Thoughts on Happiness – emotions The Science of Happiness – emotions — personality tests — personality test

Science 8-11

Sciences Humaines

Script and Screenwriting

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Search and Rescue

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Social Justice

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Social Studies 8-11

Canadian Letters and Images (World War primary sources) Canadian Biography History by the Minute Indigenous Top Ten BBC News – One Day of War Stand – Current Conflicts History Guy – Current Wars & Conflicts Global Issues – Conflicts in Africa Global Security – The World at War Current Conflicts SOCIALS 10 Cariboo Gold Rush Canadian Encyclopedia – Cariboo Gold Rush BC Archives – Cariboo Gold Rush Cariboo Gold Rush Adventure Game Canada History Project – Cariboo Gold Rush ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS Indus Valley Youtube 52 mins 48 mins #1 #2 #3 lecture # 2 – 50 min Rw3s0&index=2&list=PLy3KRgc0HE8B4neta_B8LPM0G9UWy-Cqe Ancient China BCE maps Han map – Youtube Over view Audio Xia 1st 5 mins – Xia – unearthing the past 2 parts Part 2 Xia 41 min Review & then Zhou dynasty Qin and Han Geography @5min – xia start at 45 mins Building the CPR The CPR and the Chinese Building the CPR CPR Booklet CPR – Building and Politics Kicking Horse Pass The Indian Act Socials 9 Exploration Through the Ages Read, Write, Think Socials 8 Serfboy Britain Express – Feudalism and Medieval Life – Middle Ages – People – Daily Life of a Nobleman – Middle Ages – The Nobles of the Middle Ages Feudalism Pyramid History Learning Site  


Technology 10

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Textile Studies/Art

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Wildlife and Conservation


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