Research Intro


Look at these websites:


Things to think about:

Focus on what you really want to know.

Why are you researching? Is it something simple, and you only need one source?

Is it for a paper, and the teacher probably wants you to use multiple sources?

Can you trust this source?

No stealing! If you use info, you need to say where it comes from (cite).

What’s the best source? Is this info that changes frequently, so do you need a site that says when they last updated the page? Is it information that doesn’t change, so the publication date doesn’t matter?


Your challenge:

Choose something you’re interested in. Cars, shoes, cats, global warming, trees, Mongolian throat singing, doesn’t matter.

Next you’re going to evaluate 3 sources of information for whatever you’ve chosen. Remember to narrow in your search – you can use “quotation marks” or use extra words in your search. Some examples:

Do cats see all colours?

“Mongolian throat singing”

“global warming” “Vancouver Island” trees

shoes -Nike