Rainbow Reads – LGBTQ

What are Rainbow Reads?

Rainbow Reads are books with some sort of LGBTQ focus. They may have LGBTQ themes or characters. We have both fiction and nonfiction RRs.

Where are the Rainbow Reads in our library?

These books are included in the regular sections of the library, but there is a permanent rotating display on a shelf in the fiction section. That means that every week or so, the librarian chooses RRs to display on that shelf. You can find more Rainbow Reads by searching “Rainbow Reads” in the electronic catalog under subjects or by searching rainbow in key words. You can also search “LGBTQ”.

Who reads Rainbow Reads?

The simple answer is anyone! But, you might want to pick up RRs if you:

  • are an LGBTQ person
  • know LGBTQ people
  • want to know more about LGBTQ people
  • like good books

Can I make suggestions?

Absolutely! If you want to see a specific title in our library, please either ask the librarian to order it or put a note in the little, blue suggestion box at the help desk.